GB3WF – 70cm Repeater

Otley ARS operates and maintains a local 70cm repeater – GB3WF, located at approx 265m ASL.

It is configured as a Dual Mode (analogue/digital input, analogue output) Yaesu Fusion repeater and is fully operational.

A voip interface (wires-x for short) has been fitted and contacts can easily made with other Fusion repeaters/nodes in the UK, and worldwide.

The repeater is still available (as normal) for local calls but you may hear other Fusion users “linking in”.

So always listen, listen and then listen again before invoking the wires-x voip interface.

Watch out for the Operations Procedure on this page soon.

…any updates will be posted to this page.

Output 433.350 Input 434.950 CTCSS 82.5

Repeater Keeper
November 2015

UKRepeater coverage map:


More information on the repeater at

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